My #100DaysOfCode Ground Rules

So, I can’t guarantee that I will be able to do this in 100 straight days. But I will knock out 100 days.

I will be working in Python. I was hoping for some suggestions to look in to, as what coding I have learned so far is Python. But that is ok.

I will be working in an Ubuntu Budgie VM running on VirtualBox. Hopefully, somewhere mid 100 days, I will be getting a refurb laptop that I will just load this on natively.

I will probably pick projects and frameworks at random, but I plan on using SQLite for database purposes unless I start work on something that calls for a different implementation.

I will document my thought process here.

As per the #100DaysOfCode website, I will reach out to a couple of people every day I post.

If you are reading anything I’m doing and have requests/suggestions along the way, please reach out on my Twitter, @_anal0g.

Here’s to the next 100-ish days!


I want to undertake a project.

I don’t just want to learn a coding language. I don’t just want to say “here is what I learned.”

I learn differently. I process information differently.

So I want to pick a coding language, learn something, and provide the insight in to my learning. (For some background on why this is such a different thing, read this blog post.)

I’ve solicited for ideas from my network about what language to use for this. So far, I’ve only received on suggestion. Python. We’ll see if I receive any other suggestions before I make a decision which language to dig in to.