My #100DaysOfCode Ground Rules

So, I can’t guarantee that I will be able to do this in 100 straight days. But I will knock out 100 days.

I will be working in Python. I was hoping for some suggestions to look in to, as what coding I have learned so far is Python. But that is ok.

I will be working in an Ubuntu Budgie VM running on VirtualBox. Hopefully, somewhere mid 100 days, I will be getting a refurb laptop that I will just load this on natively.

I will probably pick projects and frameworks at random, but I plan on using SQLite for database purposes unless I start work on something that calls for a different implementation.

I will document my thought process here.

As per the #100DaysOfCode website, I will reach out to a couple of people every day I post.

If you are reading anything I’m doing and have requests/suggestions along the way, please reach out on my Twitter, @_anal0g.

Here’s to the next 100-ish days!