Lessons On Painting


So this first piece, Shizuka, started out with the swath of the darker yellow. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it at first. I just knew that it looked like I swiped a bunch of mustard across the canvas.

I titled it Shizuka, because that is Japanese for peace and calm.

Falls Of Ddiddorol

The second piece was Falls Of Ddiddorol. This one started out with a definite plan. I was going to spray paint the entire canvas silver. That got accomplished. Then I was going to do a series of lines, arranged in height and gradient, to look like a cityscape. The lines? They looked like a kindergartner had busted out with the water colors. I wasn’t impressed with it. But this is where it morphed to.

The left waterfall, I painted one level, let it dry, then painted the next. The waterfall on the right, I got impatient towards the end, and you can see where the blue and white mixed.

The waterfalls were done almost entirely with sponge brushes, which are attributed to the specific look of the texture.

The name, Falls Of Ddiddorol, translates out to some effect as Interesting Falls. Ddiddorol is Welsh. I’m a fan of using Welsh when I’m looking for a more epic fantasy word or name.

I especially like Falls Of Ddiddorol because it shows off my love of impressionism. It is my own flavor of impressionism. I still prefer to let my layers dry. It gives me a little bit more control over the paint.

I definitely like bold color. It’s not that I don’t like subtle color, because I do. But for a painting, to me, boldness is braveness.

One thing is for sure, so far I’ve had no plan with painting. So that means I’ll be interested to see where the next one takes me.

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